This area is designed as a “Study Center” helping you to gain knowledge about Homeopathy and  find about its history, through ‘Facts’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

I also advise you to inform yourself and take the responsibility of your health in your hands by a proper lifestyle and health care. Homeopathy is not a substitute for healthy nutrition, exercise, healthy emotional relationships, proper life living or working conditions, even if Homeopathy has an amazing capacity in restoring health. Sometimes the good effect of Homeopathy can be override if these stressors are allowed to continue. Each of us should be actively involved in keeping a good health and try to avoid, as much as possible, the undermining health’s factors.

Read about Homeopathy, document yourself and act consequently. A good place to buy homeopathic books at a low cost is :  and I can recommend books that are easy to read as:
Homeopathy - Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, by Timothy R.Dooley
Discovering Homeopathy, by Dana Ullman
The People’s Repertory, by Luc de Schepper - Homeopathy for Everyone! - forums, books, discussions, articles - free homeopathic electronic books, interesting facts about the history of Homeopathy and its founder, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.

Video presentation by a MD
Autism and Homeopathy - video

The Homeopathy Test BBC 1/5
The Homeopathy Test BBC 2/5
The Homeopathy Test BBC 3/5
The Homeopathy Test BBC 4/5
The Homeopathy Test BBC 5/5    My comment to this video: “If we reflect on science and its history we can logically assume that science may not have the final answer! The scientific advance occurred by a process of successive disproofs and, at anytime, every scientific statement is limited by the current technology. What it is clearly and unanimously approved today, and proved by today’s technology, tomorrow can be dismissed. It happened so many times along our history! Beside this, choosing a magician to evaluate Homeopathy is at least... hilarious.” 

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