wellbeing Hello! I am Certified Health Technician with MediConsult, to use, train and market the device, and I am using MRS2000 MED in my practice. I have seen great results using the device! Using energetic medicine I am a true believer and promoter of this device; it is very easy to use and should be in every house.

MRS 2000+ designo comes with 3-year worldwide warranty and has same price everywhere in the world, has international standardized income and career plan, their marketing system being centralized in Germany. Products are free shipped from MediConsult locations everywhere in the world.

There are the following models:

iMRS Wellfit:
Includes Control Unit, Power Plug,  Owner's Manual, Two (2) Applicators: Whole Body Mat and Pad, SD Card  for basic home settings up to 200.
Price:  $3250

iMRS Complete:
Includes Control Unit, Power Plug,  Owner's Manual, Three (3) Applicators: Whole Body Mat, Pad and Probe,  SD Card for complete wellness settings up to 400.
Price:  $3950

2009 Models Discounted as follow:
MRS 2000+ designo® MED Set 
Includes: Controller unit / Body Mat / Pad / Probe
This model has higher intensity magnetic field settings (400%) and has also the Probe to be used for local pointing applications with highest intensity magnetic field (joints, sinuses, ears, etc).
Price:  $CAD2500 / $USD2500

MRS 2000+ designo® HOME Set
Includes: Controller unit / Body Mat / Pad
This model has lower intensity magnetic field settings (200%) and is used primarily by people who are looking to maintain their good health and increase wellness and not treat specific problems.
Price:  $CAD1950 / $USD1950

Interested to find more info, have sessions or rent a unit for 1-2 weeks, please contact me at 1-519-641-7258 or by email at Livia@thegentlecure.com 

  • Every purchase from us will have these bonuses: 
    - a free copy of “Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy” by Dr.Christian Thuile (a very good guide in using the device, clinical studies and results)
    - free Wave Movie CD about magnetic therapy
    - free assistance and guidance
    - one Ultrasonic Salinizer (value of $100) that will help with your breathing, cleaning the airways and  absorb more oxygen (please visit www.SalineTherapy.com)

If you would like to contact a representative in your area, please let me know and I will provide rep’s contact info to you and you will still be able to purchase from me and get our bonuses. Thank you!

Yours in Health,
Livia Tiba - Classical Homeopath

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