Homeopathic Consultations:

Acute diseases:
as ear infection, colds, physical traumas, stomach flu, diarrhea, slipped disc, etc.
Consultation Fee is $90
In acute diseases homeopathy is acting very quickly and very often the acute is cured after the first dose of remedy.

Chronic diseases and constitutional treatments:
The initial consultation: is very important and usually last up to 2 hours. This is the time when the full patient profile, health history and family health history is collected, together with the patient filled forms provided before consultation. Then the homeopath reviews the case and decides the homeopathic remedy to be used.

The review/analysis of the case is an ample process that can take sometimes up to 6-8 hours, being carefully analyzed. The remedy will be provided at a later time, after the homeopath analysis the case and the cost of the remedy is included in the consultation fee.

The initial consultation can be done in person, at the office, Online or by phone, for those patients who are not willing to travel a far distance, without any impediment in taking the case, as it does not require any hands-on physical examination.

Follow-up consultation: 15-30min follow up consultations are required, typically every month at the beginning, and later at longer intervals, depending on the progress of each case. These could be done in person, at the office or by phone.


The fees for consultations/follow- up appointments can be paid by cash or check and are due at the time of your consultation.

The fee for the initial consultation is $375 (includes the 2 hrs consultation, analysis of case and remedy)

The fee for the follow up consultation is $90 and includes:

      - the e-mails and phone conversations under 10 minutes, between the follow-ups
      - the up to 30 minutes follow-up consultation
      - the remedy if it needs to be changed

If any communication goes past 15 minutes, you will be advised to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Family discounts:

First person at normal fee
Second member of the same family: 10% off
third member and all others thereafter: 25% off

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